Turtles are ancient creatures that have been around for more than 200 million years, making them one of the oldest reptile groups on Earth. They are recognized by their distinctive shells, which are actually part of their skeleton. Coming in various shapes, from the streamlined shells of sea turtles for efficient swimming to the domed shells of land turtles for protection. Female turtles will return to the same beach they were born, to lay her own eggs, often in the cover of darkness. Once the eggs are laid, female turtles do not provide any parental care. The eggs are left buried in the sand, and the hatchlings are on their own from the moment they break out of their shells. The gender of turtle hatchlings is influenced by the temperature of the nesting environment. Warmer temperatures tend to produce female hatchlings, while cooler temperatures result in males. Despite their resilience, many turtle species face threats from habitat loss, pollution, climate change and illegal trade.